Vegetarian Pasties

Here at Cornish Premier Pasties we believe everyone should be able to enjoy our delicious Pasties – whether they’re meat eaters or not! Although the traditional Cornish Pasty contains meat, there are plenty of meat-free options to try! That’s why we’ve worked hard on creating a Vegetarian Range that means you have more choice than the classic Cheese & Onion (though this is still always a Veggie Favourite!). From our Spinach and Ricotta Pasty to the popular Spicy Mediterranean Vegetable Pasty, we have something for everyone!

Don’t forget, we also have Vegetarian options for our ‘sausage’ rolls and slices too – if you’re not wanting a Pasty! You can find out more about those here.

Find a list of our Vegetarian Pasties below, and click through to read more on the ones with their own pages!

Cheese & Onion
Cheese, Broccoli & Sweetcorn
Cheese & Mushroom

Spicy Mediterranean Vegetable
Spinach & Ricotta
Wholemeal Vegetable

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