The Traditional Cornish Pasty

Here at Cornish Premier Pasties, we currently produce the world’s best Traditional Cornish Pasty! We were delighted when we won Gold in this category in the 2017 championships with our Traditional Steak – a great success from winning Silver last year with our Cornish Gourmet Pasty!

Our Traditional Cornish Pasties

We produce the Traditional Cornish Pasty in a cocktail, small, medium, large and giant! We also have our Cornish Gourmet Pasty. Click the links below to find out more.


What is a Genuine Cornish Pasty?

We get a lot of people asking, what makes a pasty a Cornish Pasty? Well – it has to comply with the rules of the Cornish Pasty Association.

Firstly, it must be produced in Cornwall to call itself Cornish, thanks to the Cornish Pasty having PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status. Even though you can get our pasties all over the UK (and a few places overseas), they are all made in Cornwall, here at our factory in St Columb.

As for what makes the pasty itself? It must only contain:
Roughly diced (or minced) Beef, Sliced or diced potato, Swede (or as some call it, Turnip), Onion, Seasoning to taste (mainly salt & pepper – we’re not telling your our secret seasoning!) Yes – you read that right.. No carrots!

There must be no other meat than beef, which should make up a minimum of 12.5% of the pasty. There should be no vegetables other than those stated, which make up at least 25% of the pasty! Lastly, the pastry should be savoury and crimped down the side – we insist on a minimum of 22 crimps!

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