Other Products

Despite our name, here at Cornish Premier Pasties we do sell products other than Pasties! We have a variety of other products, which make the perfect mid-morning (or afternoon!) snack…

We offer a variety of Turnovers, Sausage Rolls, Slices and Bakes, and don’t worry – Vegetarian options are available in both Slices and Sausage Rolls. We just want to point out, that as traditional butchers, our sausage rolls are second to none! We use the BEST cuts of pork to ensure a sausage roll that’s light to bite and full of taste. Try one and see for yourself!

Whether your wanting something for a snack, or just not feeling up to a whole pasty, our range of other products means there will always be something to satisfy your pastry cravings!

Pages will be coming soon for each of the below categories, to show the different varieties we offer for each product – watch this space!

Sausage Rolls (inc. Vegetarian)



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