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Here at Cornish Premier Pasties, we believe the secret to our success is in sourcing only the freshest and finest quality ingredients to use in our products.

We are proud to use Cornish produce wherever possible. This not only minimises the environmental impact of “Food Miles”, but it also contributes as giving “something back” to the local economy – something we are very passionate about.

Every day we use fresh, locally sourced products to produce traditional hand-crimped pasties. Our potatoes, swede and onion are all grown locally at Hay Farms. They are based in Torpoint, near Saltash in Cornwall, and deliver us fresh produce daily.

The final ingredient in a traditional Cornish Pasty is of course the steak! We traditionally use trimmed skirtbeef. We also have “inhouse” butchers to ensure that only the best quality beef goes into our pasties! This cut of beef produces a rich gravy during the baking process, thus ensuring (alongside our secret pepper seasoning!) a genuine flavoursome Cornish Pasty.

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