National Curry Week!

National Curry Week!

From Monday 9th October - Sunday 15th October it is National Curry Week in the UK!

Why not celebrate with one of our Red Thai Chicken Pasties? We love Thai Red Chicken Curry, so this pasty is one of our favourites. Don't just take our word for it - this pasty won Gold at the World Pasty Championships earlier this year in the Open Savoury (Company) Category.

As it's curry week, we thought we'd share with you some 'Curry Facts'!

"The origin of the word ‘curry’ comes from ‘kari’, the Tamil word for ‘spiced sauce’." Well, if you ever wondered where the word comes from, now you know!

 "Chilli is the most popular spice in the world and can help combat heart attacks and strokes and extends blood coagulation times, preventing harmful blood clots." So, if you needed any more persuasion to try our Red Thai Chicken Pasty (although, we're not sure why you would..) it contains chilli which has great health benefits! Don't worry, it's not a crazy amount of spice if you're not good with hot foods. Just the right amount we like to think!

"Two thirds of all meals out in the UK are Indian Food and this is worth 3.2 billion pounds a year!" This one is crazy, thats a lot of Curries!

"The earliest known curry was made in Mesopotamia in around 1700BC." And look how much it's evolved over the year through different interpretations! We bet when that curry was made in 1700 BC, it never knew it's future descendent would end up in a Pasty!

It's also worth noting that this week is also National Chocolate Week, but we don't do a chocolate pasty.... Do you think we should? Let us know on Twitter, @CornishPremier!

Facts taken from Awareness Days :

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