About Us

At Cornish Premier Pasties we are devoted to producing traditional, hand crimped Cornish pasties. We believe this Cornish favourite should be made available to everyone throughout the UK.

All of our products are frozen at production, therefore meaning the freshness of our pasties is guaranteed. Their traditional and homemade taste screams authenticity. Thousands of  Cornishmen and women can’t be wrong!

In our own custom built factory, complete with its own pastry and butchery departments, plus vegetable preparation area,
Cornish Premier Pasties produces a quality, butchers pasty. Using fresh meat and only the best ingredients we produce over 20,000 pasties, pies and slices per day.

In the 8 years since starting the business we have now doubled the size of our production area and offices. Although Cornish Premier Pasties is a relatively new company, all of our directors and managers have a wealth of experience in the Cornish Pasty industry, dating back over 40 years!

Our success is evident as we now employ over 50 staff which we consider as family, which is reflected in our fantastic retention rate. Not just for staff, but also for our customers and suppliers.

It’s all about loyalty and quality.
(oh… and passion of course!)

The Tale of the 22 Crimps!

At Cornish Premier Pasties we aim for approximately 22 crimps per medium pasty.

So why do we do this you ask? It’s simple, less pastry = more pasty!
We want people to enjoy the whole pasty, so by perfecting the smaller tighter crimps with a rope like edge, we can ensure that there is maximum space for the yummy pasty filling… and less for the seagulls.

…and lets face it, it’s an ansum looking pasty.

Award Winning Pasties!

We are all absolutely delighted to have been awarded “Gold” for both Company Categories at the World Pasty Championships 2017. Our Cornish Pasty -Steak won Gold in the “Company Cornish Pasty” Category, and our Red Thai Chicken Curry Pasty won Gold in the “Company Open Savoury” Category.
This is the sixth annual World Pasty Championships, and is the first time that a company has ever been awarded the ‘double’!

Last year we won the two Company Silver awards: One in the Cornish Category for our Gourmet Cornish Steak Pasty and one in the Open Savoury Category for our Chicken & Mango Pasty.
We were thrilled to win the two Silvers in 2016, so to go on and be awarded the two Golds on Saturday at Eden was a fantastic achievement.

Well done to all our dedicated and hard-working staff – these awards are for both staff, and the company. Thank you to all our Customers, Suppliers and Friends for your continued support.

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